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ER02: Molecular programming

Theory & Wet Lab Nano-Scale Computation
When Jan 16, 2017 09:00 to
Jan 20, 2017 06:00
Where ENS Lyon Computer Science Department
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During this school, you will learn the theory and practice of the new rising field of molecular computing where we use real molecules (mainly synthetic DNA) to achieve sophisticated computations. Theoretical sessions will be dedicated to learn about the complexity theory related to these new paradigms of computation as well as the algorithms involved in making these models a reality. Experimental sessions will be dedicated to performing wet-lab experiments where we will perform the actual experiments (1/ designing, building & observing DNA nanotubes that compute 6-bit functions, and 2/ realising & recording real-time analog systems implementing bivariate partial differential equations). The nanoscopic results will be observed using the atomic force microscopes (AFM) and fluorescent microscopes available at ENS Lyon. Two main approaches will be detailled in this school:

  • Discrete computation using DNA tiles [ Part 1 ]
  • Analog computation using DNA strands to implement numerical partial differential equations [ Part 2 ]

Both parts will consist of theoretical presentations together with wet-lab experiments implementing the theoretical concepts. This field involves theoretical computer science as well as biomolecular physics and chemistry.



Only basic knowledges in computer science will be required (basic notions from complexity and algorithms). None in chemistry or biomolecular physics. Every important concept will be reintroduced at a basic level. Experiments will be conducted by the instructors. Observations through the microscopes will be conducted in small groups under the direction of Cendrine Moskalenko and Ludovic Bellon. This school is open to all students and researchers from Computer Science, Mathematics, Biology, Physics and Chemistry.



The school is organized in 3 types of sessions:

  • Lectures
  • Exercise sessions where we will practice and develop the tools required to design the experiments that we will run
  • Wet-lab experiments & observation where we will run the experiments designed in the exercice sessions

Evaluation will be based on:

  • A final exam checking for the main concepts developed in the lectures
  • The presentation of a small project (one per group of 4-5 persons) consisting of designing an experiment by computer. It will developed during the exercice sessions



Registration are now closed.
Students in M1IF and M2IF at ENS Lyon can still register and must contact Anne Benoit or Daniel Hirschkoff to register.

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