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Consider the world interacting

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What is IXXI?


IXXI uses four steps to help creating interdisciplinary teams:

Animation of the community through workshops, seminar, IXXI-days to promote discussions between disciplines.

Support emergent projects: two calls per year (spring – falls). This is an easy (but small) financing to support emergent projects/events without disciplinary barriers.

Hosting researchers that are at the heart of the community through their scientific fields. Currently IXXI hosts three research teams in its project hotel:  DANTE - Temporal and Structural Capture Approach; Sisyphe -  Signals, Systems and Physics; Dice - Data economy.

Teaching: IXXI has created a Master (2nd year) on “modeling of complex systems”, which is a common option for students in Masters of mathematics, computer science, physics and biology.




  • Director: Patrice ABRY - CNRS, LP ENS de Lyon
  • Deputy director:  Jean-Philippe MAGUÉ, ICAR, ENS de Lyon
  • Interim administrative manager: Diane BARTHELEMY


Executive Committee





  • Fabrice Bardet
  • Martin Castelnovo
  • Ibrahim Cheddadi
  • Christophe Crespelle
  • Michel Dojat
  • Irène Gannaz
  • Anna Ghimenton
  • Sophie Hatte
  • Julie Henry
  • Vincent Miele
  • Sophie Pantalacci
  • Jean-Michel Roy
  • Philippe Rygiel
  • Nicolas Schabanel
  • Aurélien Tabard