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Annual doctoral study day - Lyon

Multiannual cycle (2017/2021) on the theme “Multidisciplinary approach to phenomena: questioning across the law, the pure, human and social sciences"

CALL FOR PAPERS PhD and Post-Doctorate Students - Day of 3 February 2017



A “phenomenon” is commonly defined as: “An observed natural fact, capable of scientific study, which can be seen or experienced” or as “an observed fact, particularly in its occurrence or as the expression of something else” and also as “anything that can appear to the conscience, anything that is perceived by the senses” (Larousse).

A lawyer works on a multitude of phenomena.

Other disciplines, whether they belong to the human and social sciences or to the pure sciences, are also called to work on an extraordinarily diverse set of phenomena.

The objective of this annual doctoral study day is to approach such phenomena from a multi-disciplinary perspective.

This is how it works:

- a lawyer works on a phenomenon and wishes to enter into discussion with another discipline that also has an interest in that phenomenon;

- a non-lawyer works on a phenomenon and wishes to enter into discussion with another discipline that also has an interest in that phenomenon.


Partnerships can be formed between lawyers and non-lawyers in order to draw up their proposed contributions. If such contributions emanate from a lawyer or a non-lawyer alone, the conference organisers will find a person from the other discipline to partner with.


Language: French or English


Filing deadline of appeal for propositions (topic and summary 1 page + CV) : 15 November 2016 /


Direction scientifique - Scientific direction

  • Professeur J.-S. Bergé (droit, Université Jean Moulin – Lyon 3, IUF),
  • Dir. recherche S. Grumbach (informatique/mathématiques, INRIA/ENS/IXXI Lyon),
  • Professeur S. Harnay (économie, Université de Lorraine),
  • Professeur U. Mayrhofer (management, Université Jean Moulin - Lyon 3),
  • Professeur L. Obadia (anthropologie/sociologie, Université Lumière - Lyon 2)


Comité scientifique - Scientific committee

  • Professeur Ph. Billet (droit, Université Jean Moulin – Lyon 3)
  • Dir. recherche D. Graillot (géographie, Ecole des mines, Saint-Etienne)
  • Dir. recherche D. le Métayer (informatique/mathématiques, INRIA Lyon),
  • Professeur J.-L. Halpérin (droit, ENS Paris, IUF)
  • Dir. recherche M.-A. Hermitte (droit, EHESS Paris)
  • Professeur V. Michelot (études américaines, Sciences Po Lyon)
  • Dir. recherche I. Negrutiu (biologie, ENS Lyon)



Ecole doctorale de droit (EDD 492) - Institut universitaire de France (IUF) - Institut sur les systèmes complexes (IXXI)


Partenaire - Partnership

Ont été sollicitées ou sont sur le point de l’être les écoles doctorales dans les différentes disciplines sur le site Rhône-Alpes.

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