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Permanent position for Junior Research Scientist in Microbial Ecology

Modeling biotic interactions in microbial ecosystems.

Job profile:

We offer a permanent position as junior research scientist in microbial ecology at INRA-LBE in Narbonne, France. The successful candidate is expected to develop an original research theme using mathematical tools to model biotic interactions in microbial ecosystems used in biotechnological processes. In collaboration with bioprocess engineers and microbial ecologists, the candidate will work towards the active engineering of complex natural and synthetic microbial communities for the enhancement of desired process performances. The challenge of the candidate’s research will be linking the interactions of microorganisms at the cellular level (metabolic modeling) with the macroscopic performances of microbial ecosystem, yielding an innovative approach of systems biology for microbial ecosystems.


The candidate must have a PhD in mathematics or physics in close link with microbial ecosystems, in theoretical ecology or a related field, and a strong and documented expertise in mathematical modeling. The candidate should be motivated to work in targeted research within a pluridisciplinary laboratory. Expertise in experimental or modeling work related to the biorefinery approach, the treatment of organic residues – and in life science in general – is advantageous.


A standardized application package must be completed and submitted before the end of February 2016. The application package can be downloaded at the INRA website starting on January 2016. The successful candidate will take employment as early as July 2016 but no later than December 2016.

Important boundary conditions:

The selection of candidates will follow the common procedure for employment in French public services. If not familiar with this particular procedure, it is very strongly recommended to contact Jean-­Philippe Steyer, Jérôme Harmand or Nathalie Wery well before the deadline to inquire further details.


The successful candidate will work in Narbonne, France. Narbonne is a city of about 50,000 inhabitants in the south of France, 20 kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea and about 100 km north of the Pyrenees Mountains. INRA-­LBE is staffed with 16 tenured researchers, 20 technicians and support staff, 8 postdocs and 19 PhD students. The lab is part of the INRA research center in Montpellier. Please visit for more information on the laboratory.