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PhD program in Complex Networks & Systems at Indiana University (Call for Applications)

Application Deadline: January 1st, 2016.

The Complex Networks & Systems track of the PhD program in Informatics at Indiana University has been training a new kind of interdisciplinary scientist and professional for over a decade. With its unique interdisciplinary approach, our program offers an exciting opportunity to master the connections between theoretical, technological, biological, and social implications of complex networks and systems in a research-oriented curriculum.  The program is hosted by faculty at the associated Center for Complex Networks and Systems Research (CNetS: ) who are investigating complex systems in action, from determining how a YouTube video goes viral, mining Instagram data for public-health monitoring, developing models to predict the spread of online misinformation, studying innovation and conflict in parliamentary documents, to understanding the neural basis of behaviors.

Our program also capitalizes on the new Indiana University Network Science Institute (IUNI: ) with over 150 faculty members who participate in network science and complex systems research and who can serve in interdisciplinary Ph.D. advisory committees. Indeed, the breadth and strength of research in network science and complex systems pursued at Indiana University is unmatched by other academic programs.

The study of complex networks and systems is focused on discovering and understanding how the myriad parts of a system-social networks, the human brain, a language, a power grid, financial markets, or gene regulatory networks-interact with each other and drive  the macroscopic behavior of the system. This strongly interdisciplinary field has exciting new solutions for computer science, physics, math, biology, health, and cognitive and social sciences. Our students come from around the world and have a wide variety of educational backgrounds. What they share is a desire to widen their theoretical, computational, and technical skills, and, from the earliest days of the program, to engage in research projects in the wide set of areas faculty in CNetS and IUNI lead in addressing the complex problems of the 21st century. Our students have gone on to join some of the best academic, government and research and development centers in the World, ranging from top universities to the most advanced technology companies.  A description of the course structure, core faculty, syllabus of required courses, and graduation metrics is available (

Prospective students are invited to apply at , where the necessary application materials are also detailed. For additional information on how to apply please contact  and see

Application Deadline: January 1st, 2016.