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compsyscan22 : A complex systems approach to cancer understanding

When Oct 17, 2022 01:30 to
Oct 18, 2022 05:05
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Cancer is a multifactorial disease, with causes ranging from molecular events to the life style, and subtle interactions among those. It originates from the very intimacy of multicellular living systems, and requires a multidisciplinary effort to be understood and, ultimately, defeated. 

The aim of our conference will be to gather biologists, philosophers of science, mathematicians, systems biologists, sociologists, medical doctors to name but a few, to foster a broad interdisciplinary conversation about the multifaceted nature of Cancer.


This conference is a joint effort between

BioSyL the systems biology federation of Lyon

IXXI, the Rhône-Alpes complex sytems institute

PLASCAN, the François Rabelais Institute for Multidisciplinary Cancer Research


It is co-organized by

Marc Billaud (Plascan)

Sara Franceschelli (IXXI) 

Olivier Gandrillon (BioSyL, IXXI)

Sophie Gomez (Plascan)

Pierre Sujobert (Plascan)


Speakers (tentative list)

Jean Hausser 

Sui Huang

Lucie Laplane

Guiseppe Longo

Daniel J. Nicholson

Laurence Calzone


More information at