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Modeling and Mining Temporal Interactions

The scope of the M2TI workshop is to foster the interaction between different scientific communities actively working in mining, analyzing, and modeling datasets that capture the dynamical nature of human interactions.
Quand ? Le 26/05/2015,
de 09:00 à 17:00
Où ? Oxford, UK
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The workshop aims at creating a fertile ground where to discuss a wide variety of approaches used to study the temporal evolution of online and offline social systems and user behavior. In particular, the workshop will stimulate the crosspollination between novel data mining techniques, used to effectively collect, represent, and explore large-scale time-resolved datasets, and new modeling approaches, aimed at understanding and reproducing their relevant features. The end result will be not only a view of the state of the art in this important and growing field but also a common framework to help shape its future development.

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