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IXXI currently hosts four research teams in its project hotel:


DANTE - Temporal and Structural Capture Approach

Lay solid foundations to the characterisation of dynamic networks, and to the field of dynamic processes occurring on large scale dynamic networks.

Sisyphe -  Signals, Systems and Physics

Signal processing, physics and applied mathematics for analyses and modelling of complex data, graphs, networks, or complex systems (applications: data of social and human activities, biological signals or images, genomic data, data from physics experiments, technological networks,...)

Dice - Data economy

The DICE team investigates the mechanisms at work in the digital revolution and the impact of such a revolution. DICE focuses on algorithmic intermediation and the asymetry of information.

CAC - cliometrics and Complexity

The team CAC is an attempt to bring together active researchers and professors from interdisciplinary fields.



Mar 02, 2023 Lancement de l'Appel à propositions IXXI / MSH-LSE / Réseau de Biologie Systémique de l'Université de Lyon 2023. A noter : deux déclinaisons spécifiques de cette éditions (« Arts, Sciences et Sociétés » et « Transition écologique »). Date limite de dépôt : 12 avril à 15h
Feb 20, 2023
Nov 22, 2022
Sep 13, 2022 Newsletter IXXI Septembre 2022