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Consider the world interacting

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What is IXXI?


IXXI uses four steps to help creating interdisciplinary teams:

Animation of the community through workshops, seminar, IXXI-days to promote discussions between disciplines.

Support emergent projects: two calls per year (spring – falls). This is an easy (but small) financing to support emergent projects/events without disciplinary barriers.

Hosting researchers that are at the heart of the community through their scientific fields. Currently IXXI hosts three research teams in its project hotel:  DANTE - Temporal and Structural Capture Approach; Sisyphe -  Signals, Systems and Physics; Dice - Data economy.

Teaching: IXXI has created a Master (2nd year) on “modeling of complex systems”, which is a common option for students in Masters of mathematics, computer science, physics and biology.




  • Director: Patrice ABRY - CNRS, LP ENS de Lyon
  • Deputy director:  Jean-Philippe MAGUÉ, ICAR, ENS de Lyon
  • Interim administrative manager: Diane BARTHELEMY


Executive Committee





  • Fabrice Bardet
  • Martin Castelnovo
  • Ibrahim Cheddadi
  • Christophe Crespelle
  • Michel Dojat
  • Irène Gannaz
  • Anna Ghimenton
  • Sophie Hatte
  • Julie Henry
  • Vincent Miele
  • Sophie Pantalacci
  • Jean-Michel Roy
  • Philippe Rygiel
  • Nicolas Schabanel
  • Aurélien Tabard
Apr 04, 2024
Feb 15, 2024
Oct 05, 2023
Oct 05, 2023 Certains projets entrent particulièrement bien en résonance avec le contrat naturel et les priorités de l’institut Michel Serres. Certains de ces projets impliquent des membres de l’institut, à des degrés divers. D’autres sont indépendants, mais nous estimons qu’ils méritent d’être mentionnés ici (avec l’accord des porteurs) comme autant de sources d’inspiration.