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IXXI currently hosts four research teams in its project hotel:


DANTE - Temporal and Structural Capture Approach

Lay solid foundations to the characterisation of dynamic networks, and to the field of dynamic processes occurring on large scale dynamic networks.

Sisyphe -  Signals, Systems and Physics

Signal processing, physics and applied mathematics for analyses and modelling of complex data, graphs, networks, or complex systems (applications: data of social and human activities, biological signals or images, genomic data, data from physics experiments, technological networks,...)

Dice - Data economy

The DICE team investigates the mechanisms at work in the digital revolution and the impact of such a revolution. DICE focuses on algorithmic intermediation and the asymetry of information.

CAC - cliometrics and Complexity

The team CAC is an attempt to bring together active researchers and professors from interdisciplinary fields.



May 25, 2020 The Complex System Society officially announced that the Conference on Complex Systems 2021, Oct 25-29, will be held in Lyon, at the Centre des Congrès. It will be organized by CNRS and the IXXI, the ENS of Lyon, and the Laboratoire de Physique of the ENS of Lyon.
May 12, 2020 In this issue: The 2020 Call for Research projects is now open! - Edito - Appel à propositions 2020 - Les animations ! Update (and Save the date)! - Mobiliser la communauté Systèmes complexes : "Penser la Covid-19, d'hier à demain" - N'oubliez pas
Feb 18, 2020 Depuis 2017, l'Institut des Systèmes Complexes de Paris IdF décerne annuellement un prix de thèse dont l'objectif est de mettre à l'honneur la recherche dans le domaine des systèmes complexes et de distinguer les travaux de jeunes chercheur·euse.s particulièrement prometteur·euse.s. Ce prix est organisé en collaboration avec l'Institut rhônalpin des systèmes complexes - IXXI, avec le soutien du CNRS et de la Région Île-de-France.
Dec 12, 2019 eX Modelo - 2nd edition - is a research school on the exploration of simulation models (sensitivity analysis, calibration, validation, etc.) that will be held from May 25 to 29, 2020 in a rural setting 1 hour from Paris.