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Chasing data in the Intermediation Era: Economy and Security at stakes

2016 - Aurélien Faravelon, Stéphane Frénot, Stéphane Grumbach
Abstract: Intermediation is the action to match two types ofactors (users, clients, services, etc.) in a world withincomplete information, where the matching wouldhave been dicult without intermediaries. We showthe increasing role of on-line intermediation platformsin the economy, and their growing responsibility forensuring global security of people and society. Our contribution is twofold. At a theoretical level, we better de ne algorithmic intermediation by establishing a hierarchy of intermediation actors, based on their degree of abstraction from speci c services.Then, surveying data from web analytics tools such as, we show that there are only few important intermediation platforms, headquartered in few countries. These results underline the strategic importance of intermediation actors in terms of security and that the more abstract they are, the more in uence they reach.
Keywords: Big data, economics, intermediation
Nov 22, 2022
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Jun 22, 2021 The graduate school "Confinement-Controlled Chemistry" is looking for top-class graduate students with an interest in exploring the influence of geometrical confinement on reactions. Our graduate school offers a three-year-program, starting October 1st 2021 latest (preferably earlier), that combines cutting-edge research with a structured curriculum (in English) of lectures, colloquia and workshops in the fields of theory, spectroscopy, synthesis, and surface science. The program also comprises the opportunity for an integrated three-month research stay, preferably at the University of California.